Getting Started with PhoneGap on OSX Mavericks - iOSNov 9

PhoneGap is an excellent development tool for supporting multiple mobile platforms. While it's true that you can get more performant, more integrated code by writing native applications, there are a ton of simple applications that are created every day that could easily and effectively be written using a hybrid approach.

Installing NodeJS

PhoneGap uses NodeJS to do it's thing. You can download NodeJS here, for OSX Mavericks I used the Installer (.pkg) and the process was quite painless.


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jQuery Sexy Placeholder v1.0 and BDD UpdateNov 2

In my previous article, BDD With Jasmine, I discussed my recent usage of Jasmine in a simple jQuery plugin I was building. I've since released V1.0 of my plugin and have gained a bit more insight into the use of Jasmine for BDD - and why BDD is just so wonderful.

jQuery Sexy Placeholder v1.0

jQuery Sexy Placeholder is my new plugin to add stylable, unassuming placeholder functionality for older browsers. It uses a built-in mini Modernizr build for feature detection and weighs in at 3.5kb. If...

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BDD With JasmineOct 30

Recently I took my first real try at doing BDD with Jasmine…


Currently my team is working on a green field application. Since we have freedom to improve and the end product has the potential to set the bar for future work, it makes sense to investigate all options which can improve code quality. I'd been interested in TDD and BDD since a professor at school once casually mentioned them during a lecture, so I was naturally going to explore this avenue. I also needed to develop a very simple...

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Hello WorldJul 3

This is my obligatory Hello World post.

Built with Middleman

This site was built with middleman. In about an hour, I hacked apart a cheap template and jammed it together again with the help of middleman.

Hosted on GH Pages

Fast, free static file hosting is available to anyone with a GitHub account! I decided to take advantage of it, in order to free up my unpaid heroku instance for a computer vision project I'm working on…

Expected Topics

I don't know what I'm going to write about, but I...

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